Bicycle Fittings

Precision Bike Fit

 We offer professional bike fitting on a PurelyCustom Fit Bike and visual analysis tools. Most often we use this to help clients choose the perfect new bike, though we can fine-tune your fit on your current bike. 

Price: $200 

Adaptive Bike Fit

If you already have a bike and need a fitting then the adaptive fit is for you. 

For younger riders that are growing we offer special rates and an annual fit program, where we check the athlete on a routine basis and refit as needed.

Prices: $75 (adults), $25 single fit or $150 yearly (juniors)

Shoe to Cleat Fit

This is the best way to make sure that your cleat placement is correct. It is also used to give you more power and comfort on the bike. Also, if you have knee tracking issues or are suffering hot spots on your feet then you likely need a shoe to cleat fit.

Price: $50 + wedges