Professional Coaching and Bike Fitting

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What we do

As a team of experienced coaches and skills instructors, and athletes ourselves, we are dedicated to keeping cyclists of all skill levels safe. In conjunction with our devotion to skill development and coaching, we also specialize in fitting athletes to their bikes or helping them find one perfect for their geometry.



Our coaches are dedicated to training their athletes in more way than one. Rather than simply supplying training plans and general advice, we offer individual coaching, daily contact, and most importantly, individualized skills clinics.


One of the most commonly overlooked yet important aspects of cycling is your bike fit. Fortunately, Rachael, the owner of BC Coaching and Fitting, is a superb bike fitter. Click the link below to learn more about her bike fits.


Skills Devleopment

Our main goal in and skill development is to help athletes achieve their own goals in cycling.  This may be accomplished through a formal training plan design, but also through on-the-bike skill development appropriate to the athlete's chosen goals.  We focus on the whole athlete and their long-term development, taking into account any factors that might help them succeed, including fit issues, nutrition, strength/flexibility/core, skill development, and training, to name a few.  


  • 5 star review  So previously I left a review complaining about one particular employee who wasn't delivering good service. Within an hour, the owner left the following reply. All I can say is thank daughter and I feel seen and appreciated. This shows BC Fitness really cares and that means a lot. Aside from that particular employee, we have nothing but glowing things to report after coming in weekly for maybe 9 months or so. We especially love when the delicious, fresh-baked goodies are half off!!!! We enjoy the chai, the smoothies, the bagels. Wifi is always solid here, and you never have to ask for the password as they have it clearly displayed on a number of signs. Bathrooms are spacious and always clean. Love the option for both indoor and outdoor seating. They offer discounts on different days...I coach at RHS and they've extended the educator's discount to me on more than one occasion. Likewise, we just live around the corner & sometimes stop by on our bikes. We are by no means "cyclists" but they will give us the cyclist discount since we rolled up on 2 wheels! Thank you BC Fitness. We"ll be back soon!

    thumb Staci Nichols

    5 star review  Excellent facility and staff, had a bike fit with Rachael and at the same time they were able to check my bike and do a tune up. Thank you!

    thumb Matt Wilson

    5 star review  A fantastic new local treat for the area. Local coffee, tea, and baked goods on top of fitness and cycling. Perfect. I hope to stop by more often.

    thumb Aaron Birk (Nordse)
  • 5 star review  I’ve been to BikeCoach several times and had Rachael do my bike fit, seat fit and adjust my cleats. She has always been very professional and patient. She’s very knowledgeable and helpful and makes sure your fitted properly. She’ll make suggestions to help you achieve the best fit possible. I’ve been very happy with the results. If you need a professional fit with someone with experience I would recommend Rachael Wilson at BikeCoach.

    thumb Gary G

    5 star review  Always good, courteous and quick service. Comfortable and quiet seating and plenty of space to work. Good selection of snacks (banana break and cookies). Inside bike rack holders for reassurance someone won’t run off with the bike you rode in on.

    thumb Ryan Voth

    5 star review  Great eats and drinks especially after a bike ride! I had a bike fit done with Rachael (owner) this week and immediately felt the difference in my hip that had been bothering me for a while! She is thorough and knows her stuff. If you're looking for affordable, quality service, I recommend here! Also check out their other services offered and if you're a cyclist looking for a group to ride with, these guys are a solid, safety centric group that you won't regret joining!

    thumb Erwin Stuffle (Kolijguy)