Professional Coaching and Bike Fitting

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What we do

As a team of experienced coaches and skills instructors, and athletes ourselves, we are dedicated to keeping cyclists of all skill levels safe. In conjunction with our devotion to skill development and coaching, we also specialize in fitting athletes to their bikes or helping them find one perfect for their geometry.



Our coaches are dedicated to training their athletes in more way than one. Rather than simply supplying training plans and general advice, we offer individual coaching, daily contact, and most importantly, individualized skills clinics.


One of the most commonly overlooked yet important aspects of cycling is your bike fit. Fortunately, Rachael, the owner of BC Coaching and Fitting, is a superb bike fitter. Click the link below to learn more about her bike fits.


Skills Devleopment

Our main goal in and skill development is to help athletes achieve their own goals in cycling.  This may be accomplished through a formal training plan design, but also through on-the-bike skill development appropriate to the athlete's chosen goals.  We focus on the whole athlete and their long-term development, taking into account any factors that might help them succeed, including fit issues, nutrition, strength/flexibility/core, skill development, and training, to name a few.  


  • 5 star review  Great people there and a great facility.

    thumb StarFlight P.

    4 star review  I have only been in for the coffee so far, but it's good and the counter person, Kevin, was very polite and friendly. He answered my questions and didn't seem in a hurry to get me out of the store like a Starbucks often feels. I'm hoping to see more of the bicycle part of the store once things open up fully again.

    thumb Benjamin Bledsoe

    5 star review  Excellent facility and staff, had a bike fit with Rachael and at the same time they were able to check my bike and do a tune up. Thank you!

    thumb Matt Wilson
  • 5 star review  Rachael has been my coach for nine years, so she and Sean and the boys’ are great friends as well as motivators. I have learned to love Spin Classes and those classes inspired me to learn cycling and gain my healthy addiction. Now I can have great coffee to go with it!

    thumb thomas medlicott

    5 star review  Rachael was my mentor for nine decades, so that she and Sean and the boys' have been fantastic friends in addition to motivators. I've learned to adore Spin Courses and those courses inspired me to understand biking and attain my healthy dependence. Now I could have good coffee to go for this!

    thumb Lisa rosenwasser

    5 star review  Delicious coffee and pastries with lots of Options. Our new favorite place. We highly recommend.

    thumb LessIsMore