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How Rachael helps her athletes reach their goals

"The first thing I do after meeting a new client is ask them what their goals are. Some answers are very specific, and some are more general. Sometimes it’s, “I want to place in such-in-such event or race” or sometimes it’s "I want to gain fitness”. Either goal is valid. The next step is to ascertain where the athletes fitness and abilities are in relation to the goal and if the scope of that goal is too ambitious. Part of my job is to help them adjust the goal to something more attainable. This is not to say that they will never meet their intended goal but maybe we need to adjust the goal into smaller steps. From there its just planning and working out a training plan that fits with their goal needs, but also fits with their other life constraints, like work, family or school etc. A big part of what I do as a coach is helping the athlete find a realistic balance between the necessary training to meet their goals, but not get themselves in trouble with work, school, or family, without burning themselves out trying to do too many things and train at a high level."

"Other than training plan designs I help my athletes in different ways. For example making sure they are fit properly on their bike. Discussing nutrition with them for both on and off the bike. I also work with my athletes on their handling skills as well as their group riding etiquette, and high level skills required to race. I also work one-on-one with the athletes to work through specific issues ,like how to choose gears, or how to assert yourself on the bike with cars. I also often help people work through fears either from a crash, or bad experience, or just something they are not comfortable with like going down a steep hill."